Sunday, October 08, 2006

a "wacky" tie is not a "tacky" tie

Leave it to The Onion to get this close to understanding the tacky tie phenomenon.
"The first one I bought was a Three Stooges tie, and it went over so big, I thought, 'Hey, I just might be on to something here,'" said Poniewicz, who estimates that his wacky-tie collection now numbers around 60. "I think the next one I bought after that was one of that Saturday Night Live guy who used to say, 'The Robmeister! Makin' copies!' After that, the collection just sort of snowballed. My wife says that at the rate I'm going, pretty soon, we're going to have to set aside a whole room just for them."
Tacky ties are different. A "wacky" tie, worn in rebellion, is chosen because it is intentionally ugly. Tacky ties, though, were designed to be beautiful, but turned out accidentally ugly. It's a double irony, the difference between trash and kitsch.

Incidentally, my tacky tie collection numbers around 110. Just sayin'.

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